stakeholder engagement

Community Engagement Timeline

Led by the Campus Planning Office in collaboration with other University units, the planning process consists of three engagement ‘loops’ emphasizing two-way dialogue with stakeholders. The first ‘exploratory’ loop involved gathering information on the current conditions of the campus (streets, buildings, transportation, open spaces, vegetation, landscape, utilities, land drainage, and many others). Preliminary plans and designs began to take shape at the end of this stage, and were shared at an open house in Fall 2014. This process included stakeholder meetings and events, and feedback was incorporated into the planning and design work.

In the second, ‘generative’ loop, a preliminary concept plan for the campus was developed based on information gathered and feedback heard in both the first and second loops. This concept plan was presented in Spring 2015 at open houses on campus and in the community for further comment and input. It was also presented for information to the Senate Planning & Priorities Committee, Senate, and Board of Governors. Work then continued on refining the concept based on feedback provided in these forums.

In the third, ‘evaluative’ loop, the concept plan from the previous stage was refined based on feedback and input received, and developed into draft document form. This draft plan document was sent for review to the various project working groups and committees, the Campus Planning and Design Committee, Physical Plant, and the University’s Sustainability Committee. Comments from these groups guided the development of the final draft, which was approved by the University's Board of Governors in April 2016. The Master Plan will be presented to the University community and the public at open house events after final approval.

With the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan complete, the drafting of the Southwood Local Area Plan is now the next step in the process. This document is required by the City of Winnipeg and will be a City-approved document. It will be based in large part on the engagement and planning work completed up to this point, and will encompass further public engagement events as well. Stay tuned for further campus and community engagement events in the future.